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                  Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd

                  Wenzhou Timber Group, whose predecessor is Wenzhou Timber Mill founded in 1952, is a key state-owned company affiliated to Zhejiang Forest and Industry Office. Wenzhou Timber Group Company, a key state-owned company in Wenzhou city, was founded in the May of 1991. It merged with Wenzhou Industry Investment Group under the provisions of the integrative recombination of the state-owned property in the December of 2010. The company achieved reconstruction in the August of 2012 and now has changed the company name into Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd.

                  Contact Us

                  Address:12-13F, Runjin Commercial Center, No. 235, Shoudu Avenue, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China Tel:0577-88781506 fax:0577-88781506 Zip code:325000
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